Harbour Greenhouse Co-op

2767 Hwy 223

MacKinnon's Harbour, NS, Canada

B2C 1H3

Phone: (902)725-1200



Welcome. The purpose of our website is to illustrate the current year's plants to our local customers. We do not sell from this site nor do we ship trees. If you are web shopping, many links here will take you to nurseries who do. By all means, give them your business. For those of you who grace our doors-

Opening May 6th, 2010

Stunning Baskets

With a down payment, we take reservations on our hanging baskets. About half are spoken for within the first few weeks of opening.

Meet great people!

Harbour Greenhouse has the best customers -  fun, friendly, interesting. Some days it looks like a social gathering! Come join us.

Central Location

We are located in the middle of beautiful Cape Breton Island at McKinnons Harbour on Hwy 223 midway between Iona and Little Narrows.

Harbour Greenhouse

The most unusual collection of plants on Cape Breton


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